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DriveSafeDriveSafe app ensures incoming outgoing calls are barred including text messages that nobody loses their life ,state-of-the-art automatic crash detector,detects if there is road accident and sends alerts to loved ones, nearby app users and control room. You can even be a Social Hero by helping out users who need help resulting,
Drive SmartDrive smart lets you know your total distance traveled, calculates your driving cost, and gives you lots of tips on cutting back on expenses related to driving and car upkeep! So go ahead download our app and save all those bucks to splurge them on yourself by
Drive GreenDrive green You never know when life gives you a miserable day! Don’t be stuck waiting for help. Breathe a little easier and bring back that bounce in your step. No matter what your car troubles, we’ve got your back; one tap sends one of our hundreds of certified dealers right to your car whenever you need them, wherever you need them Roadside assistance i!